Drywall Vs. Plater: Which Is Better

There are only two popular forms of creating long-lasting, solid walls around the house – drywall and plaster walls. If you’re tired of looking for drywall repair near me in portland, or because your drywall keeps breaking, you might want to consider getting a plastic wall. Both walls are great for creating solid divisions and forming rooms. So, let us explore the difference between the two.

Ease of installation

Drywalls are surely the best and easiest method of forming rooms inside the house. They are less labor-intensive and do not take a lot of time. Plaster walls, on the other hand, are very labor-intensive. Maintaining them is not easy either, since you might have to break whole walls while getting your plumbing or electrical circuits changed.


Since installing plastic walls is a more labor-intensive and detailed task, it is also more expensive to install. Even though the material costs are almost the same, due to dry walls’ ease of installation, drywalls cost much less than plaster ones.


If you’ve heard the idiom ‘walls have ears’, you’ve probably experienced living with dry walls. Plaster walls tend to be so dense and thick that they are completely sound-proof. Therefore, they are perfect for maintaining privacy.

Complete look

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Plaster walls can be applied in many different textures and finishes. They have a much higher-end look to them than dry walls that are simple and plain. Plaster walls are a definite quality and aesthetic upgrade in a house.


Even though plaster walls are not as popular in the United States as drywalls, they are great for building houses. If you are ready to spend that kind of time and money on your house, plaster walls can give you more privacy and aesthetic appeal. They are also sturdier than drywalls and do not require getting repaired that often.