Tips For Getting Ranked High On The Internet

There are more and more people getting online and trying to be seen.  They are desperate to have people find their websites, blogs and other content in order to make friends, connections or even sales.  Many turn to SEO Services in order to get ranked in Google and other search engines.

If you want to be seen on the Internet, you want to be everywhere on the internet.  Even though sites like Google and Amazon are dominating the way people find you, it is important that you create a specific SEO strategy for you and your objectives.


The first thing that people will turn to are keywords.  These keywords are the words that people type into sites like Google and Yahoo to get found.  When working on your SEO strategy you want to first collect as many keywords that you possibly can that will relate to you and your objectives.  Then, when you have your massive list of keywords you want to start getting out all over the Interest.


SEO Services

Information is king.  So, when people start their journey to find you, they will typically look at blogs.  Blogs are articles, videos and other content that you create that is stored in a static location.  When you write a blog, search engines like Google will take notice and start to spider your content.  If your content is relevant and has good keywords, then it will rank for those keywords.  The more blog posts and content you crate the more likely you will be found.

Build Spider Sites

One thing that you want to do is build spider sites.  These are sites that work off of different high-ranking sites.  For example, you will write a Wikipedia post on a topic that is related to your niche.  Then this will have a link that goes back to your main site.  You will then repeat this by doing a YouTube video that talks about that blog post that links back to your site. 

The best way to create a spider site is to write one piece of content such as a blog post and then create three pieces of content that point to that first piece.  Then write three more pieces of content that goes to each of the three sources you created.  Eventually, you will have created a lot of links that go to different content that you control that leads back to your main offer.  If you can master this, then you will be well on your way to mastering SEO.